Getting "BHAC" to and going beyond the basics! Buried Horizons offers a variety of CRM support services to help our clients get from Point A to Point B in their project.  We also go beyond the status quo by engaging in opportunities to excite and educate the public on why we do what we love and love what we do!

Our team has extensive experience in conducting field investigations all over the country. Whether you have a project that needs minimal support like an over-nighter or weekend-long project, or you need someone to hop in on a lengthier project because you had a crew member drop out last minute, we can help you fill those needs! 

Phase I Survey - Phase II Testing - Phase III Data Recovery - Site Mapping - Landform Mapping - Reconnaissance - Geoarchaeological Studies - Soil profiles

When you have tons of data, but the fieldwork keeps piling on, BHAC has solutions to help you crunch the numbers, identify patterns, and make sense of the information you collected from your fieldwork. Tabular data? Geospatial data? Hand-scribbled nonsensical ramblings from the battered field notebook? We're ready to dive in!

Soil/Sediment Analysis - Statistical Analysis of Artifact Attributes - Geospatial Analysis and Cartography  

Technical writing... telling the story of your findings. There are lots of styles and options for conveying your project's story. Do you have a standard format you follow, but need someone to help fill in the blanks? Are you in a whole new geographic area and need support pulling together a new overview? We've been there and done that. Let us help you communicate your findings in an appropriate way that meets your project's needs. 

Cultural History - Environmental Overview - Results - Field Methods - Compiling References - Formatting - Copy Edit - Graphic Production - Quality Control Review - Site Form Production

The "other" stuff is the fun stuff!  We want engage and excite the public about what we do and learn about as archaeologists.


Is your organization looking for a fun guest speaker? Do you want to find your youth group (4H, Scouts, Young Adventurers) some hands-on experience in learning about past cultures?  We want to share why we do what we do and love every minute of it. 

Archaeology Month Activities - Presentations - Guest lectures - STEM activities - Mini-master courses
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