Buried Horizons Archaeological Consulting (BHAC) offers a suite of support services to cultural resource management firms and agencies in need that little bit of "extra" to help their projects get over the finish line.  Whether your needs are project-specific (i.e., in-field support, data analysis, report writing, or deliverable preparation) or if you are looking to find a connection to local talent, BHAC can support you.



We are on a mission to help our clients achieve success in meeting their project goals by augmenting their work-force capacity & capabilities when hiring full-time support isn't possible.



Our vision is to become known as the "helpers" of the cultural and heritage resource management industry; working diligently in the background to pick up and piece together the bigger picture. We want to be the polish making our clients' efforts shine.



  • Balanced and bold. We recognize that some projects have challenges that need out-of-the-box thinking to meet regulatory requirements. BHAC strives for balance to finding alternatives to address complex issues with confidence.

  • Honest and helpful. We help our clients stay on track and out of trouble by providing honest feedback on their project issues.

  • Attentive and agile. We provide our clients and their projects with the attention they need so they can be successful. BHAC has a commitment to managing our internal workloads so those clear expectations of needs and desires for project goals are met quickly and easily.

  • Collaborative and communicative. Clients consulting with BHAC are guaranteed to be approached as project partners. We keep our clients informed through clear communication throughout the duration of the project. When hired, we kick-off our collaborative partnership through a discovery call that sets the tone for how we can best serve the needs of our clients and their project.

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